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James Moore Actor Wikipedia: Everything To Know

James Moore Actor Wikipedia: Everything To Know

James Moore Actor Wikipedia: Everything To Know

James Moore is an English actor who is famous for playing Ryan Stocks. Here is everything you need to know about James’s Wikipedia and biography.

Although being disabled, he has been a successful and talented actor.

The passionate actor is widely known for his debut in Emmerdale in June 2018.

James Moore Actor Wikipedia

James Moore does not have a Wikipedia page.

We will talk about his biography and more below.

James Moore Biography

James Moore was born in Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

There is no information about his childhood, upbringing, or family.

Let’s jump to his acting background.

James Moore is famous for his role in ITV soap Emmerdale. He made his debut in June 2018. He played Ryan Stocks, the biological son of Charity Dingle.

Talking about the character, Ryan Stocks is the long-lost son of Charity Dingle.

He even won an award for his role as Ryan.

James won the Best Newcomer award at the National Television Awards back in 2019.

Besides Emmerdale, he has directed and played in a YouTube short film, Spaghetti Legs, in 2016. There he played the character of Jay.

It is a documentary about what it is like living with cerebral palsy.

He also acted in Strawman by Rex Obano at the National Youth Theatre Epic Stages Showcase two years ago in 2017.

What Disability Does James Moore Have? 

James Moore spoke about his disability soon after his debut in Emmerdale.

The disability that James has is ataxic cerebral palsy. His character Ryan also has the same health condition.

Ataxic cerebral palsy is the least common type of cerebral palsy – a condition that affects movement and coordination, caused by a problem with the brain.

The condition can occur before, during, or soon after birth.

James has mentioned that it was not easy for him and struggled in his acting career due to the condition.

But he says it was due to his own ‘I cannot do it’ type of mentality. 

He is a proud spokesperson for disability rights. 

He is passionate about raising awareness for people with disabilities and conveys the message through social media.

What is the Age of James Moore?

James Moore’s age is 28 years old.

He was born on August 15, 1992, in Cheltenham, United Kingdom.

James Moore Girlfriend 

James Moore’s girlfriend is Sophie Edwards.

James and Sophie have been in a relationship for two years.

He posted a picture with Sophie on the occasion of their second anniversary.

James Moore Net Worth 

James Moore’s net worth is not made public.

Other than that, he is active on Instagram and Twitter.

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