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Virginia Tucker: Remember Inara From Miss 2059

Virginia Tucker: Remember Inara From Miss 2059

Virginia Tucker is an American actress and model who is best known for appearing in Anna Akana’s sci-fi comedy series, Miss 2059. The actress portrays the role of “Inara” in the show and appears in three episodes.

However, people may recognize her from the recent movie, The Last Champion. She played “Jamie” in the 2020 movie. 

Quick Facts: Virginia Tucker: Remember Inara From Miss 2059

NameVirginia Tucker

Born in England, Virginia spent her childhood in Washington. She was very passionate about acting ever since her childhood. Hence, she used to take part in plays and musicals in her school days.

The actress attracted a lot of attention when she appeared in the lead role of the Lifetime movie, Nightmare Tenant. Virginia has not looked back ever since and rightly so. She has already signed a few post-production movies and shows to be released in the upcoming years. Here are a few facts to know about this emerging actress.  

10 Facts on Virginia Tucker

  1. Virginia Tucker is an American actress who garnered a lot of fame by appearing in the Lifetime movie, Nightmare Tenant. 
  2. Unfortunately, Virginia has not shared details about her age and birthday yet. 
  3. As per her social media feed, Virginia Tucker doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. She is not spotted with anyone. 
  4. Speaking of, you can find her on Facebook but Virginia is not present on Instagram. 
  5. Despite her overwhelming roles, Virginia Tucker is yet to have a Wikipedia biography. 
  6. The actress’s net worth is yet to be determined. She is not much open about herself. 
  7. An American by nationality, she was born in England. She is a Washinton native. 
  8. Also, Virginia comes from a White ethnic group. 
  9. She debuted in the acting world in 2011 through a minor appearance in the movie, Life Fine Tuned. 
  10. Further acting credits are mentioned on her IMDb biography, which has her explained bio as well. 

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