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Oh To See Without My Eyes Copy and Paste- TikTok Meme, Emoji Explained

Oh To See Without My Eyes Copy and Paste- TikTok Meme, Emoji Explained


Oh, To See Without My Eyes is the first line of the Sufjan Steven song, Mysteries of love which got really popular after it was featured in the movie Call Me By Your Name. Now, the same line is being a subject of a meme on TikTok and gaining traction quite fast.

Lots of people have used the distorted song and put something funny caption on top of that and used this meme format. Now, the reason for audio distortion might be to remove the copyright from the song or just to make the line sound funny.

So, let’s get to know more about this trend on TikTok which has been producing some hilarious meme and some failed attempts as well.

What is “Oh To See Without My Eyes ” Meme?

As you have seen, this is a bunch of videos that follow this trend. The idea is pretty simple as I have already said it to you. There is a Sufjan Stevens song but with it’s audio distorted. That’s not the funny part though, The punchline is in the caption and that’s what makes you laugh.

However, not all of the memes made like this have been funny. As these things go, some of those are not funny. 

As you can this one meme on the above video about a guy who said his father was back when his father’s twin brother arrived late on the guy’s father’s funeral, that one is pretty funny. However, some of them are a bit weird and might sound pointless as well.

But this is what young people are into these days.

TikTok Meme  Oh To See Without My Eyes Copy and Paste: Explained

TikTok is a weird place and not all things happening there are explainable. Some of the things are pretty random and this is probably one of those things. Somebody just made up this format of the meme and people just got on board with it- no questions asked.

The jokes are edgy and really are pushing boundaries. Some of the users have made racial humor as well but most of them are done in a classy way as much as I have seen it.

People are apparently replying to somebody’s comment on their video and the caption is very bold and edgy. Some of the savage captions include, I want to see you in Spain but the S is silent. This just means he wants to see you in pain.

Moreover, another video shows an even bolder caption which goes like “Jk Jk Jk” But the J is silent. After saying that obviously, the meaning of the word Joke Joke Joke becomes KKK which is a white supremacist group.

In this way, the meme is a way to make offensive and bold jokes on the platform. The reason it’s gotten this name is pretty random because the song has no significance on the meme whatsoever. They could have used any other song but they have stuck with this song and done pretty well.

Is Roasting Cool On Tiktok?

Looking at most of these memes, I have found that they are mostly roasting other people. And, when you are making fun of somebody else for the sake of humor, the question arises- Where do you draw the line?

I think that everybody can be made fun of because nobody is that special that they should be exempted from being made fun of. However, some things like cancer, somebody’s medical condition are topics better stayed away from but in the end, context is all that matters.

So, hop on to TikTok and make this kinds of memes if you want to, they’re fun to watch!!






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