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TikTok- The Vault House Members, Owner, Location Explained

TikTok- The Vault House Members, Owner, Location Explained


A new Tiktok house called “The Vault House” is making headlines all over social media. Know more about it and it’s members. 

Tiktok is already a major platform to gain popularity, especially for the teenagers with talent. Over the years and along the trends, the video networking site has evolved and so are it’s contents. 

After the recent success of “The Hype House”, one shouldn’t be surprised if there are introduction of such more houses on Tiktok. We have already seen Sway House and HOC leaving their mark on the video networking site.

As for recent, there’s a new house on Tiktok and it is called “The Vault House.” Similar to the ones that were made before, it’s sole interest is to uplift the fame of it’s members. On the other hand, providing with entertaining content to the people. 

What is “The Vault House” on Tiktok? Owner and Location

The Vault House is the collaboration of some popular tiktok content creators to bring curated and exciting content among the viewers. It’ sole purpose is to uplift the standard of the tiktok creators who are its members by helping them to reach among more people. 

The house was recently created. It’s first post on Instagram is on April 22, 2020. However on tiktok, the members started creating collab videos since the last month. 

The Vault House in powered and owned by a Talent Management Agency named “Six Degrees of Influence.” However, they haven’t revealed their location yet but everyone’s guess is Los Angeles. Not much surprises there either. 

Members of The Vault House

As per our speculation, there are altogether 13 members of the Vault House till date. It features most of the popular rising stars on Tiktok. Here is the complete list of members and their info.

  1. Devyn WInkler is a 16 year old from Texas who has amassed more than 3 million followers on Tiktok. She usually posts dance videos of herself on Tiktok. The rising talent has what it takes to become a star. 
  2. Addy Tharp is best known for her pet and comedy videos on Tiktok. She often makes lip sync videos as well. The 18 year old is an exciting talent to watch and has millions of followers on Tiktok. 
  3. Cayman Rhodes shares dancing videos of himself in collab with other members. He is currently dating The Vault member, Addy Tharp. He is an actor and a model as well. 
  4. Jackson Krecoich is an musical artist and already released an EP. He has millions of followers both on Instagram and Tiktok. 
  5. Kaylee Pereira, the fashion and lifestyle expert has been gaining popularity before her introduction on Tiktok. She shares her fashion related photos on social media and has earned a great deal of followers as well. 
  6. Bryce Xavier has already been on spotlight after dating Nia Sioux from “Dance Moms.” It is really a plus point to have this model in the house. 
  7. Keith PIchardo is a rising celebrity who has recently acquired fame on social media. But there’s a lot to come for the most popular rookie. 
  8. Peyton Sama can lighten your mood up with her exquisite dancing skills. She has more than a million followers on Tiktok. 
  9. Maile Hammahz provides a different recipe in the house with her cool lip sync videos. She also has crossed million mark on followers count. 
  10. Rave Vanias is a starter yet she has gathered significant number of followers in a short time. Her dance related videos are great hit on Tiktok. 
  11. Kiera Vanias undoubtedly is very passionate for makeup. She also brings different taste in the house. 
  12. Mariano Castano is another member of The Vault. The 17 year old Mexican certainly has a thing for comedy. 
  13. Malcom Suarez is not much active as his fans would want him to. But he surely will be seen frequenty now as he is a part of “The Vault House.”


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