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5 Things You Like About Me TikTok Trend- What Are Those 5 Things You Like About Me Tik Tok Explained

5 Things You Like About Me TikTok Trend- What Are Those 5 Things You Like About Me Tik Tok Explained


Five Things You Like About Me is another TikTo challenge that teenagers are obsessed with and are making content faster than wildfire on dry grassland. Obviously some of you might be thinking just how many trends are we gonna have to keep up with.

But, that’s the thing about TikTok- trends and challenges keep the app popular amongst people and the more popular app is, the more people are going to participate in trends and this cycle goes on and on.

If you care to know about this new trend, you have come to just the right place because I will explain to you the heads and tails of this challenge.

What Is Five Things You Like About Me Trend?

This trend is basically about somebody asking you what are the five things about that person that you find favorite. There are many videos that are made between couples and also friends but mostly the people in a relationship.

They have used pretty romantic and melancholic song on the background so that you feel people caring for each other while they are complementing each other.

So, the basic idea is that you ask someone what are the five things about you that they like and they have to say it. They make their own little video and then you can edit that using TikTok. They might say your smile, your hair, your personality, and yada yada…


we cute ##fyp ##foryoupage ##5thingsyoulikeaboutme ##xyzbca ##xyzcba

♬ original sound – jamesblake

As I had sais, this James Blake song fits this trend nicely and people are using other songs as well. 

How Popular Is This Trend?

As soon as this Tikok was made, it had gained 300 thousand likes and 100 thousand comments in just one day. So, it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this trend really blew up very fast. As a result of this trend other trends such as “4 things I like” got popular where people just say things that they like.

Then “3 things I look good at” got famous and people would say T-shirts, pants or whatever. Also the “2 things I say a lot” came under people’s radar and became famous. After that “1 thing you’d change about me” came along.

Some of the people are now mashing all of these up and making a video that answers all of these questions and making a jumbo trend of some sort. But in the beginning it was just separate trends.

Some Tips To Make High Quality “5 Things You Like About Me” Challenge

  1.  Allow someone close to you to answer what they like about you and feature that on your video so that the answers are more genuine and heartfelt.
  2. Be sure you compliment others and be as real as possible when you are confessing someone about the things you like about them.
  3. Use this challenge to communicate with your followers and see what they like about you.
  4. Be as real and genuine as possible and have fun because if you aren’t having fun making it, people won’t surely not be having fun watching it.

Trends on TikToks come and go. But while they last, it’s a hoot and people go wild at it. So, you have got to stand out from thousands of videos with the same hashtags.

So, you have to tweak the challenge and trends and make them unique so that more people like it. After all, it’s the early birds that catch the worms. So, create your own challenge or tweak these challenges and make it a bit more unique which will make your videos more popular.



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