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What Does Your 3rd @ Mean on Twitter? 3rd @ Meaning Explained

What Does Your 3rd @ Mean on Twitter? 3rd @ Meaning Explained


If your friends are talking about the third @ on twitter and you don’t have a clue about it, here’s what it means. 

Twitter is the first social media to enagage millions of poeple on the online network. It has been doing the same since Mrach 2006. However, the social networking app was in peak during the early 2010s. 

But after the introduction of camera based social networking sites like Instagram and Snapchat, twitter has been under the weather slightly. Nevertheless, there are daily more than 50 million tweets everyday, more than in any social media application. 

Moreover, trends are always the part of twitter. It is the official pioneer of trends and hashtags, fair to say. The culture of hashtags and trends basically started from twitter. No wonder it started with a bang. 

As for now, there’s something new that is trending on twitter like everyday else. But this trend is kind of different than any other trends that made their way on the social netwroking site. It is called “The third @” trend. 

The symbol “@” has been of immense significant on twitter. It probably is the most used symbol along with #. The @ is used to mention people on twitter. 

Back when the twitter started the @ was used differently. For example, when you mention a friend on twitter, the tweet could only be seen by the people who have followed both you and your friend. 

Due to this, people used dot(.) sign before @ so that it’s visible to all the users. Just like [email protected]. But the developers changed that around in 2016 and now you rmention can be viewed by any people. 

Now that transformation of @ resulted to more interaction of the people. People started intermixing with each other’s thoughts and ideas on the web of twitter. As a result, the latest trend came into play.

The third @ challenge that is running hard and fast on twitter is the action of following the third person in your mention suggestions. 

Suppose you write @ inorder to mention someone, then the 3rd person in the mention list is your third @. There’s a trend to follow this third @ and the person needs to follow them back. 

This is supposed to be a initiative to increase your followers and other engagements on twitter. In a way, all of this increase interaction between people. 

Is the 3rd @ a good trend?

It depends on your perspective to all means. In a way, this trend brings people closer to each other. They get way more interactive, share ideas with each other and also increase followers, likes and retweets. 

On the other hand, it disrupts your privacy. Not everyone wants to become a twitter celebrity with a huge number of followers. Some of them are just trying to enjoy the app and its features. 

Most of the people use twitter to extract information on what’s ongoing in the world. I mean, Twitter is the first place that the events taking place in the world are written about. Dominantly, political and economic events. 

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Some people even share their disagreement that the trends like these are making twitter just a medium to increase followers and gain popularity. They do have a point but after all, that’s what social media is all about, isn’t it? 

Getting followers, increasing interaction, sharing happiness. However, the last one is seen being compromised lately. People are using social media to demotivate and discredit other people as well. 

However, all of it depends on people. Hence, trends like these are most welcome by the two third users of the community.


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